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Simple Weekly Lessons

Quickly learn through self-paced and easy to follow online tutorials covering all aspects of your art practice.

Art Marketing Resource Vault

Get time saving templates, email swipe files, spreadsheets and resources to support the business side of your art. 

Coaching & Support

Exclusive online community for coaching and accountability so you achieve your goals fast!


"Before starting this course, I was so intimidated to put my work out there in the world and especially insecure about selling it. This course has given me the tools and confidence market my artwork. Through the course, I created a beautiful website, doubled my social media impact, booked an art show and started making sales!"

Kelly Beth Bonsall

Hello! I'm Andrea Kendall

I'm an artist and marketer. I am passionate about helping artists be fulfilled, not just creatively but financially as well. I believe that you can build your own artist brand and I want to help you share your passion and expression.

I've taken my decade plus experience in marketing and branding and applied it specifically to the needs of the independent emerging artist. 

Are you ready?

Are you ready to shift your perspective of what is possible with your art? Are you ready to get a weekly dose of inspiration and knowledge to help you reach your art goals? If yes, then it's time! Join SPARK!

Frequently Asked Questions

Weekly Online Video Tutorials

The course will be delivered through self-paced and easy to follow online tutorials which will walk you through each aspect of the program with detailed instruction.

I will provide you with downloadable worksheets and tools take the guesswork out of the process and make completing each exercise easy!

Online Coaching & Community Support

You'll also be included in a monthly group Q&A call through Facebook Live and an online Facebook community to provide accountability and support so you achieve your goals fast!

Art Marketing Resource Vault

Finally, in addition to the weekly instruction and group support, you'll have access to my entire Art Marketing Resource Vault which includes templates, email swipe files, spreadsheets and super time-saving resources to support the business side of your art. I want you to be able to spend less time marketing and selling, and more time making art! This resource vault has a ton of resources in it already but will be updated monthly.

There are 52 weeks of lessons in the course. Each week will rotate in topic address the following 4 categories in sequence. 

  • Your Art Goals
  • Your Art Practice & Portfolio
  • Your Art Marketing
  • Your Art Business & Sales

So, for example, week 1 will address a topic related to Goals and week 2 will address a topic related to your art practice or portfolio. By week 4 we will come back to goals and the cycle starts again. 

The lessons build on each other so you will consistently be growing in each area. 


You have lifetime access to everything released while you are a member of SPARK. If you do cancel your membership, you will no longer receive access to membership benefits.

Your first charge will occur when you initially sign-up, and you will then be automatically billed on a regular monthly interval based on your selected plan and starting from the date you sign-up.

Absolutely. All SPARK members will have access to a Facebook group to share any questions, comments, and progress. I encourage you to utilize this community!

You can also reach our support team at [email protected] with any questions.

Well, I will be sad to see you go! However, there are zero obligations associated with your membership. I’m certain that the value provided to you each week and the progress you see in your art practice, will keep you coming back, but you can cancel anytime.

TO NOTE: Your account cannot be put on hold. Additionally, if you do cancel and decide to re-join at a later date, your access to lessons and content will restart to Week 1. Your membership must remain active to access all content delivered.

If you cancel and re-join, your new rate will be the current offer which will may be more than the offer you originally signed up with.


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